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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? See our most frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please contact us for more info.

Will you offer courses near my home town?

We will if you call us!

We schedule courses about six months in advance and most of them are done at the request of operators and supervisors, so if you have something you want to see on the schedule, send us a message.

Does registering for the course also register me for the exam?

No. The course registration and the exam registration are two separate items. If you would like to attempt an exam after attending a course you must contact the EOCP. More information on registering for an exam can be found here:

Why are most of the courses only three days in length?

There are numerous reasons for this. First reason is travel. By holding courses from Tuesday to Thursday, people from out of town are able to travel on the Monday and Friday. This leaves your weekends all to you.

The second reason is that we have found that we can cover all the relevant information for a subject in three days.

Finally, from attending numerous training courses ourselves, we have found that most people’s attention really drops off after three days, and by the fourth day most people are just thinking about getting home. By keeping the course shorter, we keep the people more engaged and interested in learning.

Are all your instructors certified by the EOCP?

Yes, not only are all our instructors certified operators, they are also actively employed in the field. This allows them to bring their experiences into the classroom.

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